what is bella?

Bella is a state of the art spectral physically-based render engine. Designed from a clean sheet, it aims to enable creation of the most beautiful rendered images yet seen.

Built on the foundation of a flexible nodal scene description, Bella introduces a new physical material model that is both intuitive and compact, and yet highly capable.

Through this, and a camera modeled on real-world cameras, Bella seeks to help you unlock your true potential as a digital artist & photographer.


Bella is a spectral render engine which models the complexities of optical physics in ways that are both as correct as possible, and which are yet made intuitive and accessible.

The unique Bella material model allows exquisitely subtle materials to be created by combining just a few fundamental components, which themselves have only a small number of consistent and logical parameters.

Bella's camera will be familiar before you even begin, as it is modeled on real cameras, and supports lens shift, optional vignetting, circular/polygonal aperture, exposure compensation modes, sensor sharpness, diffraction and bloom, lens filters, and more.

Along with its materials and cameras, Bella also uses its nodal scene description to provide extensive instancing of geometry -- indeed, there is no separate concept of instance in the system, as everything rendered is inherently an instance, or an instance of an instance, and so forth.

And of course, Bella also provides support for various procedural geometries, lights, and textures, as well as industry-standard file I/O and color management by way of OpenImageIO and OpenColorIO, along with built-in denoising courtesy of Intel's OpenImageDenoise.

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Bella has been created to be the type of software that we, ourselves, prefer to use, not only in how the software itself is designed, but also in how it is offered as a product, and in how it is licensed.


We believe in offering a clear and simple product -- therefore, the only Bella offerings are the seat license, which includes all Bella software and plugins, and the node license (reduced cost, for CLI rendering only), neither of which is locked to any particular machine or operating system.


We do not believe in forcing our honest customers to pay the price (in terms of the inconvenience, and inevitable failure of draconian licensing schemes) to protect Bella from unauthorized use -- therefore, the Bella license is implemented as a simple text file.


We believe strongly in respecting your right to privacy -- therefore, Bella neither requires contacting any remote server to validate or register a license, nor does the software attempt to establish any remote connections, at all, during use.

About Us

Bella is developed by Diffuse Logic, a Barcelona-based software company with decades of cumulative experience in the fields of physical simulation and rendering, as well as user-interface design and plugin integration.

óscar Cano & Albert Martinez

Óscar and Albert are experts in modeling the complex optical physics involved in simulating the behavior of light as it traverses a scene. Together, they are responsible for our core rendering tech.

Jeremy Hill

Jeremy is responsible for our APIs, for developing our applications and plugins, and for creating the systems we use for building and deploying our software.