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Albert Martinez

Hi dyer,

thanks for trying Bella. We will be sharing documentation as soon as possible, it’s very important.

Bella GUI actually reads [BSA], [BSX], and [BSZ] file formats which are the definition of a Bella’s scene depending on it’s ascii, binary, or binary including all resources dependences.

At this moment Maya is the only plugin that generates them, we will be adding others being the next ones Rhinoceros ( in progress ), Sketchup, etc. So unfortunately we have not yet available Blender platform.

Just to say, we made Bella ascii format [BSA] to be editable and understandable with a simple notepad, so theoretically, anyone could write an exporter from Blender, or from others intermediate known formats like [OBJ], [FBX], etc to Bella. Then inside GUI you can create or change materials, navigate on the scene, render, etc.