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Jeremy Hill

Hey Tim, awesome to have you here. 🙂

Indeed, you are not missing anything — there is not yet opengl. Depending what you meant though, I may need to clarify that you can interactively pan/orbit/zoom the camera using maya-style keyboard/mouse combinations (same for the mat preview btw), while IPR is running.

My hope is that gpu will accelerate this to the point that we have no need of opengl, but either way, we will be adding methods for selecting & moving objects directly in the render view, since it will be useful to have that available in some of the plugins.

Just in general, the gui is starting out quite simple, and most of what you see is automatically generated from the node definitions. This forces me to try and make things work as well as possible at the base level, but we will add things like a node graph, dedicated mat editor, and so forth, as we go along. And on a mat editor, I think there are about 1000 ways to do this wrong, and only a few ways to do it right, and I will welcome any input you may have.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this. 🙂