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Tim Ellis

Ok Albert, thank you.

This is currently not going to work I’m sorry to say. Here are some issues as I see them.

1. Using the same ‘in scene’ file output on all rendernodes will all write their files to the same place.
2. bsi files from rendernodes will need incremental filenaming, so they don’t overwrite the same file
3. Farms tend to rely on UNC file paths which if locally set file paths are saved in the scene, ie mapped drives which are not mapped on the rendernodes, the output file saving will fail.
4.Currently I can only see farm rendering being able to work, if I render with GUI on each node and add _N1, _N2, _N3 etc for each rendernodes output, so bsi files are all saved to a UNC network location, without overwriting each other.
5. Any setting other than ‘Save at end’ for the updates, will kill network traffic, so locally saved bsi will be required with save to network location on render finishing. Save at end is a killer if power fails, machine crashes etc. occur before a render finishes. Updating a local file each SL, or as set in scene, will give recoverable render outputs.
6. Farm managers, such as Deadline, will require a specified output file path.
7. Collect dependencies and send with the scene, ie Pack & Go, will be required for non-mapped drives & network locations which may be used for textures. (Our farm does not have mapped drives, so everything has to be sent with the 3dsMax / Maya / VRay scenes when rendering, as I’m probably the only one here who knows the UNC filepath names lol.)

I will have a go with the current cli as is, but I think you will need to expose some overrides Jeremy, to get around my concerns above.

I built the help html from the cli, but couldn’t locate a bnd to get more info about the cli other than the /h -h option. Hence asking here, no issue at this stage in your dev process though.