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Jeremy Hill

Definitely I will add whatever is necessary, I just need input like you give above, before deciding exactly how to do things. One of my main goals with this is to avoid creating yet another network manager, and instead design the cli such that it integrates as seamlessly as possible with existing third-party tools.

The scene model is built such that changing just settings:outputDir is sufficient to redirect all outputs, provided they do not use explicit override paths. And by default, settings:outputDir is blank, such that output paths depend on the bsx path (btw I will generally use bsx to refer to any bella scene file, bsa, bsx, or bsz). So a first step will pretty clearly be an –outputDir cli option. And a second might be, in the specific case of cli rendering, to also provide some way of redirecting even explicitly-overriden output paths, though I would need to think about that.

Likewise, outputs by default are all dependent upon settings:outputName, such that an –outputName cli option should work, for instance, to name outputs from a given node, according to that node, for purposes of being able to predict what comes out of the renderer, in scripts, and so forth.

From there, you have questions about bsi, and from what you say, I infer that you like to dump N bsis from N nodes, into a common directory somewhere on the network. And that you require control over an interval, according to which local bsis are copied to that common dir.

Regarding pack & go, this is already implemented in the form of bsz. It is not yet exposed in maya, as I have not yet decided on a clean way of doing that, but from bella gui, it is as simple as choosing .bsz instead of .bsa/.bsx when you use Save As. Using a bsz should work transparently, whether in gui or cli.