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Albert MartinezAlbert Martinez

Thanks Tim for all that information. Regarding:

2. bsi files from rendernodes will need incremental filenaming, so they don’t overwrite the same file

It seems so you would need something like an “id” of each bsi to avoid being overwritten. Bella cannot know how many machines are going to be used cooperatively, without a network manager. Due to that, the “id” cannot either be incremental, as that would probably result into performance penalties, if each render node needs to search all existing bsi in the folder to try to make it incremental.

I see 3 possible solutions to this:

a ) user is fully responsible in network rendering to assign that different naming in the bsi, output, etc to not overwrite

b ) user tells an id-host to bella it means bella will use that id to write bsi/output with that id ( I think thats similar to give seed ), and we can use id-host 0 default to ignore that extra-id-naming

c ) user tells bella render is gonna be cooperative, and telling a hint of how many computers ( that might help in some already discussed scenarios, specially for Apollo solver ). Then Bella uses internal id generated to write the output with id. The problem with that is not gonna be incremental but looks something like output_A34B291B.bsi, output_B5342CD9.bsi, etc. We can add then an option in CLI to merge all bsi’s in a folder, so that way do not need to be incremental.

I cannot see further, I have a limited knowledge of render farm needs.