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Jeremy Hill

I am currently implementing –outputDir and –outputName as described above. However, when it comes to the question of explicitly-overridden output paths, my question becomes: is it ever going to be desirable, when overriding –outputDir in cli, to have any pass writing to a directory other than –outputDir?

So far, I can’t see that it is, except with the possible exception that the pass override dir is relative, but even in that case, from the point of view of someone running a farm, that would just seem to make things confusing and difficult, with no apparent benefit. So at the moment, I am inclined to go through all passes and set any with explicit output paths to use –outputDir. Please feel free to weigh-in with any thoughts on this.

And a side note, I have checked to make sure that bella is working fine with either UNC paths, or mapped drives (though in the latter case there is a caveat: I am aware of no way to resolve a mapped drive if the current user is running as admin), at least here on my network (win10 cli rendering a bsz on a drive mapped to a folder on a mac, with –outputDir set to a nonexistent dir on the win10 machine, in this test).