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Jeremy Hill

What I am considering for bsi is to add –finalBsiDir and –finalBsiName cli arguments, where a process will render locally as normal, and then at the end of rendering, copy the local bsi to the specified directory (if given), using the specified name (if given).

This allows final bsi naming to be completely determined by the client, who is therefore able to prevent collisions if desired. And if he does not do so (e.g. setting –finalBsiDir but not –finalBsiName), then we may end up with name collisions in the target dir, and here I would generate incremental names. I do not see performance figuring much here, as we are talking about a one-time thing, per node.

However I am not sure about what Albert mentions about apollo & cooperative, so I’ll need to consult with the guys.

(edit: nevermind on the last thing, he just meant it can be helpful to know the total number of machines, so that’s easy)