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Jeremy HillJeremy Hill

Made builds with this new cli stuff, and linked them on the new builds page, where adventurous people can go to get their hands on the most recent code.

The way these cli additions are implemented is as described above:

    –outputDir [-od] overrides settings:outputDir, and the dir of any passes with explicit override paths.
    –outputName [-on] overrides settings:outputName.
    –finalBsiDir [-fbd] causes bella to copy local bsi to the specified dir, upon successful render completion.
    –finalBsiName [-fbn] overrides the natural bsi output name.

If, while copying bsi to the final bsi dir, there are name collisions, the (final) bsi name will be incremented with an integer suffix.

(edit: damn this wordpress auto-changing double dashes to a single long dash behavior — the full cli argument names above are supposed to be shown with two preceding dashes)