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Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to answer! I know u must have busy hours!

As for materials:
Yes a script or plug-in able to convert existing MR library of course would be a tremendous plus, for so many hours have been invested in getting all arroway + mods + own materials that it is difficult for me to envision switching to another engine if I cannot recover that work… It is however as Jeremy stated not needed in the SU plugin or for embeded use in the worflow.

The idea with our conception of 3D work is > output an image that requires almost no photoshop, appart maybe for landscape tailoring ( grass, flowers, plants…)
This means all the materials are supposed to be already set in our library and require only texture positionning in SU depending on the project, with sometimes a need to modify a texture base color ( aka orange concrete from arroway base color). Having a workflow that would make it easy to just identify the d layer ( in the example of arroway again), open it in any image editor ( affinity, pshop…) and save it as new image and automatically create the new Bella material as well as its SU counterpart ( the auto mxm feature is a good idea…)
Not sure my explainations make sense, but the most time consuming part of the worflow in SU / MR production is the materials creation / modifications. The second beeing the HDRI positionning which is such a pita that you often end up doing it in pshop in postprod..

On how to apply materials >I was very disturbed with the move to MR (2.0) when the materials changed and any given SU material ( name) would benefit from a MR material characteristic, meaning one name > one type of material whatever the object is..this proved long to understand and has limitations, for examples emitters.
In our simple dummies workflow, we would use SU light yellows ( yellow01 – yellow02 etc…) from SU materials and apply them to each different lights ( simple faces on the ceiling or in recessed objects) and then with MR plug in say this 01 color = that emitter color/ power etc…( has anyone used IES files? I doubt it appart from crazy rocket science geeks).. this combined with multilight offers great simple result. Maybe Bella will come out with another way of dealing with how materials are applied / control to SU materials..?

Anyway this is very exciting! Can’t wait!
As I said, our images are not “world class renders” because in the everyday workflow we do not need such artistic real life images and we outsource those when needed…
Simple images we use for clients / internal decision making can be seen in those simple projects
here town house/garage
small school restaurant ( images at bottom ) winning project in a competition
metal house: simple images at bottom showing that just light and small reflects create architecture
bottom images that were used for convincing client ( worked :))