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ok…well haven’t really understood how this is gonna work 🙂 as for the materials but for sure architecture needs preset real life materials that usually need no tweaking after they are created for good, those materials are most of the time materials requiring a texture and a bump at least. For all plastics and metals that are used in architecture, plastic is often used with a variety of layer effects ( aka ral color gallery for metal use ( panels, windows frames etc..)

Regarding assignement, I was refering to the existing workflow that is currently a workaround that finds limits pretty quick > one of the easy way for us to work was to write freehand on a sheet the list of all Su bare colors that were given MR materials properties, and once we know which group of objects are using it, you simply reasign a material characteristic to that SU color for it to change everywhere on objects that would use it. Not very transparent process ( if you forget to write down where is which, you loose count and after a while have no more clue on what object is Su color XY…) There surely has to be easier ways :).