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Jeremy Hill

At the current time I have one of the hard parts handled — wrapping our sdk for seamless cross-platform access from dotnet. I also have a skeleton plugin, which is able to render in the rhino viewport, but which really only renders a bella file that I load, as opposed to translating the actual rhino document.

I deliberately avoid giving time estimates, because in my experience they always slide, so it will have to suffice to say that rhino is next on the list of things to do, after we finish the final things (docs, finish website, etc) for the first “official” release of bella.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in the other thread, please feel free to post any thoughts you may have regarding how the plugin should work. Ages ago when I designed my maxwell plugin, rhino had very little awareness of concepts like interactive rendering, physical materials, and such, so it was basically a blank slate, and I was free to (or forced to, depending how you look at it) come up with lots of how the plugin worked, from scratch.

However, in the meantime they have added support for some of these concepts, but I am not convinced that these are always the most friendly or productive, so there remain some fairly fundamental questions about how to approach things — how you interact with the renderer, how you manage materials, and so forth, and I am interested to hear any impressions or opinions you may have, to help me make the best choices. 🙂