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<Hi Philip, great having you here.>

Thank you!

<We already support these kinds of lights you describe natively in Bella, which means can be reused in any other platform besides Maya.The emitter material can be applied to any geometry, supporting some options like hiding to camera and/or reflections, etc and controlling the falloff with ramp and radius optional node.>

<For the specific lights you described we have not enabled yet all these combinations, but we will be adding them.>

Nice, thanks!

<With the exception, I think, of directional light which energy comes from “infinity” so adding a falloff with ramp and radius would be not possible.>

Yes, I understand.

<About library of standard bulbs, precisely some days ago we were adding in Bella some of the commonly used Cine lighting database, so you can pick a model to use already calibrated spectral energy(power and hue),
or just keeping the spectral form (hue) and adjust the energy with our units of lumen/watt etc. That database is already integrated just we need to categorize properly for showing it in the Bella GUI nicely. That would be a first step for a future library of geometric bulbs made in 3d.>

This sounds really good – and the whole future of Bella seems very exciting! Thank you!