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Jeremy Hill

In fact, I did use json for the node definition file format, for example, here is the sphere definition:

    "sphere": {
        "bases": [ "procedural" ],
        "inputs": {
            "radius": {
                "type": "real",
                "value": 0.5,
                "minex": 0,
                "max": 1e11,
                "smax": 10,
                "step": 0.1,
                "prec": 3,
                "help": { "en": "The radius of the generated sphere, centered on the local origin." }
        "layout": [
        "help": { "en": "A procedurally-generated sphere." }

The quoting of everything gets tedious — I’d prefer to write it in javascript instead — but since this has to be consumed from various languages, and since we will want to be able to send it over the network and such, I bit the bullet and went with plain old json (though you can infer from this example, I preprocess it, in order to support comments).

On code style, the funny thing is that in javascript, and javascript only, I do always put opening braces on the same line, because javascript is insane — for the rationale, see here.