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‘you are interested in making sure that we have a convenient list UI to show those 13, where it is easy to get an overview, to select individual ones for editing’

Yes, exactly..

‘so you can set up, say, a particular dirt material, refer to it in multiple blend/stack materials, and have all those materials be automatically improved, when you then go back and improve the single dirt material.’

I think I’d rather update specific materials manually by importing newer material data. But I can see that this may come in handy for some situations.

But overall the philosophy of Bella pretty much contradicts my philosophy around 3D, because 3D for print/animation is quite different from programming. We need efficiency and flexibility, less need for automation and updatability.

If Bella was destined as a game engine the whole referencing concept makes sense, but unbiased rendering for games maybe 50 years away.