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Jeremy Hill

Well, that’s partly why I invited you here early, so I can try and check my instincts against yours.

The system is designed flexibly, because while we can always hide or ignore flexibility in a system that has it, we cannot simulate it in a system that does not, and that is fundamentally important when we must interop smoothly with many third-party systems, which all come with their own peculiar take on how to do 3D.

So while programmers may tend to geek out over abstraction or elegance for their own sake, just know that I’ve also been dealing directly with customers in this space for many years, and I have it in mind at all times, that my primary purpose here is to take what would have burned up 8 hours for you, and try and turn that into 6 hours, so you can make tighter deadlines, spend more time with your kids, or what have you.