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Jeremy Hill

Very nice materials, as usual. 🙂 Regarding the question of presets, I’m open to any suggestions, especially if they can be expressed using formulas, which can then be encapsulated in a node that implements those formulas.

On the question of terminology, that was always going to be a bit thorny, but it had to be decided at some point, and is unlikely to be changed at this point, sorry to say. I don’t intend to change your mind, but I will give you our rationale, which is summed up in this diagram:

So, the core concept consists of two main components, the substrate and the layer, with the logic for how to build a material following from that — you may have a dielectric substrate, or a conductor substrate, with an optional layer overlaid. And the sheet material is a layer with no substrate, used on its own as a material.

That is what we are simulating, physically, and we did not find other terms that would communicate it (in our opinion) more effectively. But whatever the case, this is something that is infeasible to be changed at this point.