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Jeremy Hill

Well, this is why I have basically been “exploring” the material system with some of these tests — the model is something the guys wrote from first principles, and like any such model, it is not reality itself, and is rather just one particular way of trying to represent reality, using a very finite set of properties.

In this particular case, I ran across the reference and thought, sounds like a layer with transmittance, over polished aluminum .. and indeed, it was nice to see some similar effects emerge in the render. On the other hand, it’s not like we have a measured IOR for this particular powdercoat, so beyond that basic intuition, it is inherently a guessing game.

So, I was playing with the sss to basically try and kill some of the internal bouncing of light in the layer — you can see this most markedly near the highlights, where my first render has much more of the bright magenta gradient.