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Jeremy Hill

Still hard at it in the mines here, we have been in the process of augmenting some things in bella to properly support translation of rhino scenes, so we are working on an infinite ground plane, different channels for IBL, more flexible use of sun & sky, among some other things.

Today, in the rhino plugin, I am working on the color management. So here is a boring comparison test, showing RGB chosen in the UI on the left, along with sRGB (.png) texture assigned in the middle, and linear (.exr) texture on the right, both textures using the same RGB color.

If you don’t know much about color management, well the point of this will be that hopefully, you may never have to. 🙂

Other interesting recent news is that bella’s mesh format has been designed to be compatible as much as possible with others — and in the case of rhino it is, so for export we are able to directly copy memory from rhino to bella, which makes export for this plugin much quicker than what I measure for my old rhino maxwell plugin (using the ring shown a few posts above, bella takes less than half the time).