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3) I’m not entirely clear on what you mean here — do you mean, you open bella gui from the taskbar, and then use the File menu to open a file, but it doesn’t work? To be precise, I am unclear on what you mean by “selecting the previous file name”.

Here is the situation. I created a render but after seeing the rendered image, I decide I need to do it again but tweak some of the settings. So, instead of going back to SketchUp and starting over, I want to just open the BSA file, make the tweaks, and then render again. What I have done is start the bella gui from the taskbar and then select the appropriate BSA file. I see a message that says it is opening the file but nothing ever opens in the gui. It just sits there as a blank page.

Bottom line is that there are times (yes, way to often) that I see things that need to be changed both in the SketchUp model and in the rendered image. I just want to make some changes without having to start from scratch so I am searching for ways to do the updates without having to do everything from scratch again.

Hope this makes it a little clearer.