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I appreciate you taking the time to write. I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from though about the two other engines.

I’ve downloaded the SU version and I’ll give it a spin. Is this cpu or gpu based? I must admit I can’t remember. I have a 8gb 2070 card due to arrive soon so I’ll wait until I install that before I do anything.

Personally, I’m fine with the studio idea as long as files that are imported are linked and get updated with changes. SU is messy at best when it comes to dealing with textures and such. I’d much rather just put place holder colours on a SU file and then assign materials in the studio.

Truth be told, I miss Corona. I never really tried it out to much in SU as I could still use 3dsmax. The problem was always if the design changed then I’d have to re import the SU file into max and start all over. I never did find a easy way to bring SU into max although others seem to have. I just bring it in as a legacy dwg file. I’ve tried doing the 3ds route but then you end up with all these multi sub materials.

I really loved Maxwell when it came out. I was just disappointed back then by how slow it was. I would be in the office late at night trying to get images out in Vray and they were taken 2-3 hrs. If I was relying on Maxwell back then, I’d never have got the images done.