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It’s all good mate.

I’ll give it a whirl and let you know what i think.

I’m not convinced about gpu right now as you have to have such an expensive card to load it all up. If it’s cpu and gpu accelerated that would be cool. I’m not a programmer though, I’m just a architect.

Here’s a benchmark of sorts for you. I could load a SU model into max, assign materials and set up the scene with Corona. I can hit render and get a perfectly usable image at 11×17 150 dpi in around 7 mins + -. Trees, forest pro grass etc etc.

If Bella can do that without me having to invoke max then I’m all ears. Bella needs a way to deal with vegetation. It’s vital. Most people dont want to have to use a plugin to scatter around mesh for vegetation. Forest pro was handy but limited in my experience although I’m not a native max user so that might be why.

Vray 4 SU was very quirky when it first came out and I tested it. I knew what the settings were from max but it was all set out in a different way. They’ve changed everything now. I don’t know if it’s across the board or not as I don’t use vray for max. It’s very close to being perfect but there’s still the “is it going to work right” doubt about it for me.