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guardian256 – I must say that when first time I tried Maxwell I was blown away (sometime in 2007 I think…).

then I had to buy some more computers to get images rendered because it was sooooo slowwwwww.

yet the images saved me a lot of man-work and letting computers render over night images and final images over weekends is ok as it doesn’t really matter if an image took 1 hour or 15 hours as it is night time. preview was usually quite predictable so also saved a lot of time here. the only problem is today clients want answers (=previews) sometime in a time span of 1-2 hours and that sucks, for maxwell at least.

still have to say that after playing a bit with bella it appears that I’d give it a real chance soon as I don’t see maxwell getting developed the way it should, remaining the same more or less, since version 3 (the denoiser is a big deal, yes, but you can use also intel open denoiser…).

GPU is not close to be usable as most of my scenes take 10-40 GB ram (on maxwell) so there’s no hope there. no card can do it – not in a small arch-viz firm price range 🙁

so I’m actually really looking forward to see if  bella comes out sort of what maxwell should have been by now.