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Jeremy Hill

Thanks, that sounds logical. We have some things in the oven on the material front, one is a PBR type, another is “larger” more all-purpose material more like arnold’s standard surface. So those will basically (and of course optionally) take the place of what can now require several different nodes & connections. And second, it has already been requested by both users and Oscar and Albert, for me to make a function that “switches” a node to another type, translating over any matching attributes — and what you suggest above falls under that general category.

Just for reference, there are currently two broad “types” of materials: core materials, and “smart” materials. The core ones are the base conductor, dielectric, and such, and you can build anything using these. The smart materials are the higher-level ones like glass, metal, etc, and these build a material internally, using a small number of the most relevant parameters.