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Jeremy HillJeremy Hill

Every bella material has a “normal” attribute in the Common section, where you may connect either a bumpMap node or a normalMap node, which itself accepts a texture connection on its “map” attribute. I’ll put it on my list to add an example scene (to our sample scenes page) to demonstrate this.

Regarding a crash, I would still need to know some specific set of steps that would produce a crash, so I can debug and solve it. It can often happen that a particular user has a particular workflow that either never, or always, produces such a problem, so it can easily appear to me that there is no problem at all, while at the same time appearing to you that the software doesn’t work at all. Once I know how to reproduce an issue, it usually takes very little time to fix it.

Lastly, as I mention above, setting an explicit sun direction will be possible in the next build, which should hopefully be available within a few days, we are just finishing up a final few things.