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Jeremy Hill

An important note regarding Rhino WIP on MacOS, a person reported to me that a hang could occur, and I have been able to reproduce it, without or without Bella loaded.

It occurs here when you open a document containing plugin materials, whether or not the related plugin is loaded, and you switch to the material panel, and the material list set to List or Grid. It appears that in this scenario, Rhino gets into some kind of loop trying to create thumbnails for the materials, which when the related plugin is not present, will show up as being of type “Placeholder”.

I have only found this to affect Rhino WIP on Macos, not Rhino 6, which just generates generic previews, as would be expected.

It is also worth mentioning I am only able to test this with Version 7 WIP (7.0.20168.12016, 2020-06-16), because until 20.11 is moved to production release, I cannot update my Rhino WIP installation (I have to keep it slightly outdated, in order to make the plugin compatible with the last couple/few WIP builds). So it is possible this has already been fixed in a more recent WIP.

The workaround I have found for this is:

  1. start Rhino WIP
  2. open a new empty document
  3. open the materials panel
  4. switch the material list to Tree view
  5. close Rhino WIP


This should set Tree view in preferences so that it is chosen the next time, and you are able to avoid Rhino trying to generate large List/Grid previews, upon opening a document.