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tried again with the new release… sorry but I guess I’m used to other system too much. I just can’t get materials right. Can’t find simple things like “bump” attribute or understand which node for what? I wanna make a piece of simple fabric, I just don’t get it: blendmaterial? conductor? orennayar? sheet? why make things so hard and feel like we’re still in 2005 trying to figure out mental ray 🙁  ?? I think the most important feature missed here is simple materials with logical arch-viz or product-viz names, presets, and fixed attribute order or else it will be too hard to create stuff. really frustrating. I must tell you that what you did with maxwell at the time is way better for materials. simple slim library with basic and easy to get attribute editor, and all attributes are ordered always at the same order no matter what material is going to be created… who cares about names such as “bellaComplexMaterial” and what should be done with it? I prefare something like “bellaMetal” which is good and logical to understand – and if all attributes are kept fixed and easy to remember (bump is here, normal is there’ albedo here etc. without all those tabs to click and click) it would make a real difference.