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Jeremy Hill

That knife cuts both ways, some people are more comfortable with a more abstract model, and some with a more concrete one.

You were around since the early days, so you may remember when mw did not have the material model it ended up with. There were definite types, and it was one of the strongest points with people, which was lost with the introduction of the abstract mxm model, and then tried forever to recapture, with wizards, presets, extensions.

Anyway the takeaway should be, I am listening to your input, and thinking hard about how to walk this tightrope, because though you say very definitely “from a user’s point of view” I can assure you from my experience dealing with thousands of emails, answering thousands of questions on the forum (even now, I still have the most posts of anyone on that forum), talking with hundreds of people at trade shows — there is not just one single point of view.