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I think you didn’t understand my point. I mean, I don’t plan on texturing bushes leaf by leaf but a process of changing a big library of trees, bushes, cars etc. without proper easy-to-use materials will avoid any user from using Bella. it’s nice to play in something new, yes – but if you want to work with it it must comply to some kind of a standard that is easy to understand and follow. as for now it’s impossible for me to create simple materials on a simple and fixed workflow, so how can I take a library made of 100’s of blocks and convert it ?!

*edit* let me give an example: for now I’m using maxwell for maya. whenever I download a new object, say a tree: most of those are prepared for 3ds max with vray or corona or just a simple FBX. I already bought presets of leaves so I just change the textures to the correct one from the downloaded zip. I use the wizard to quickly create the bark material, and if there are some extras (flowers, fruits, whatever) I use the wizard and sometimes even a simple glossy plastic from the library. I don’t have to search around for nodes bumps or anything, it’s straight forward. that is not present in Bella for now and instead of 1 click material assignment and maybe a few more in the attributes of it, I don’t have a typical easy to follow structure in Bella. I tried a few times to convert simple interiors to Bella and every time it ends with frustration as it’s so hard to quickly create and assign materials.