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I’ll explain better: when using maxwell for maya, I select an object (with the select tool or through the hypershade’s materials if it’s a model I’ve imported and it has multiple materials on it’s faces), and click a shelf menu button that creates a maxwell material and automatically assigns it to the current selection. super easy. and the new materials opens up in the attribute editor on the right side and the layer structure with global parameters followed by ordered layers makes it real easy to understand what goes where without the need to drag and connect nodes, and it also has the options to pick one from the library or create a new one very easy. from what I tested by now, I need to create a new bella material that I have to know from the beginning what type it should be (and I don’t always know… sometimes I import a model that the material names are phong1000, phong 1001, etc…) , assign it to an object and then start to connect bump nodes to it. long process and not user friendly 🙁