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Small request, subtractive layers, esp useful for some dirt effects and for mapping wet / damp areas, like the effect you get after the first raindrops.

Thanks for listening…, what I said before about having seperate editors for thin / opaque / transparent material-types, made no sense… because sometimes you have mapped areas of each type in one material.

I should try to explain, sometimes I use a glossy additive layer with two weightmapped components, one is pure black and therefore invisible when mixed additively, one is white.
The components are weightmapped with different channels, and a third channel is used for the layer (this setup is not so efficient). By arranging the channels so that they overlay like a box in 3D, I can map patchy gloss with a 3D noise pattern.

I would like to do this also to create 3D dirt, but a good 3D procedural noise system would also work.

I think subtractive layers would also be helpful in some cases. Quicker than weightmapping a darkened version of the whole material stack.