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Can Bella 3D procedurals be stuck to geomtery to allow for deforming animated geometry? I hope this will be possible.

Aside from that, the main idea I was rambling about is that sometimes its useful to combine 2 or 3 mapping channels to mask something so that the effect hits only certain areas of the geomtery. If the material stack is flexibly designed and allows similar mixing ala Photoshop, then we can exploit that to work with the channels, very similar to how we use multiple channels in photoshop to isolate things.

Maybe you could design a simpler system whereby any weightmap slot can host 2 or 3 weightmaps (in a layer menu like photoshop), all with their own channel coords.

And just a reminder that weightmap strength controlled by viewing angle is essential for thin fabric, and many other things. Think sheer tights… ok stop.