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Oscar CanoOscar Cano

Thanks for your words, we really hope you like this new stuff. 🙂

Without giving too many clues to competition, and promising specific things before we have proved them, I will try to explain a bit about the new solver… This solver is a new technology, I’ve been working half of my life in rendering technology and this solver is by far the most sophisticated, and of which I am most proud. Saying is a GPU solver is to simplify a lot. Is not a mere translation from CPU to GPU, something quite usual today. I have design from zero, absolutely from zero, a new engine, very accurate and very optimized in speed, speed the main priority, with some technologies unknown previously (as far as we know), that will be disclosed, as said before, when we are 100% sure we have something that works well.

In my opinion, the nicest feature (and hardest to achieve) is that we solve in GPU all kind of complex lighthing (like complex pool caustics, sss, whatever), the GPU solver is as powerful in these ways as its CPU counterpart. Is not just-another-gpu-pathtracer. And this new design is done to simultaneously work at same time in both CPU and GPU. Just working in CPU mode it is by far more efficient than any other solver we have so far.

So, we have our main branch of CPU solvers, daily improving them, with plans at short term to make a big improvements in Apollo engine. At some moment, we will expect to have our new next hybrid CPU/GPU engine technology (we call it Jupiter here) ready to play, still too early to know if we will wait until it handles the full set of Bella features or we progressive release it as we add more features to it. But as always, we won’t release nothing until we are super sure that is stable and does what we affirm.

Thank you a lot to everyone who follow and read us, we really appreciate all your comments and we would love to see that one day you use Bella in your everyday basis work. 🙂