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Hej Jeremy,

thanks for replyin’. For most product/industrial designers, whether in a studio environment, or at student level, CPU is the primary use case to begin with. The critical thing really is to be able to have a standalone app that allows to integrate all the many 3D design programs that are in use today, as mentioned above. The platform agnostic nature of Maxwell or Keyshot means no matter which studio, client or education, nobody involved has to worry about plug-ins; via OBJ everything just works right away, and within 10 minutes, a great library of typical materials/textures provided, one has a decent picture. Keyshot is good in that respect. All designers find all the typical bump/normalmap textures from Moldtech there, for example.

I am not knowledgeable about the architectural visualisation sector, the need for a standalone app could be very different there of course.

In any case, I hope you guys can deliver product/industrial designers the “killer app” everyone so dearly needs.