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I’m testing the new build with new materials. It sure looks better – however (sorry….): I don’t think it’s the best way to work this day with material names, functions and general approach: I still have to go through a long process just to assign a bella material to selected objects and choose “assign new material” then “bella material” then have to pick it from a list of strange names all starting the same (“bella…”) so instead of having a simple list consisting of logical names (say, Glass, Metal, Default or Simple, etc.) I have to view all sorts of “bellas” that some has names that make no sense other than to you guys that are familiar with their purpose…. I struggle to create materials on a simple bedroom scene just because of that. I have to guess and do all sorts of trial-and error tests to define wooden panels, painted surfaces etc. I think it’s the wrong approach. using PBR should point you to the right direction: look at all the sites that offer PBR mats: they don’t use names like “uber” etc. 😉 they just give you categories that are real-world and dead-simple. wall, stone, wood …. I don’t think you need so many categories in the material library (still it will be great) but material like “urethane” I hardly use or know what to tweak-in to use on a regular basis….I think a bella toolbar button with “assign bella material to selection” that does just that’ and on the material attributes common section include something like “import from library” button and another “wizard” that gives the few typical choices (glass, metal etc.) is much more easier to understand.