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thanks for the reply. I think I have understood your approach better now thus I have another suggestion: create a simple library of about 10-20 materials that will allow people that only started using Bella to get fast results without having to be VFX veterans that are regular to a specific workflow, as most of today’s 3d artists (and I know some here, believe me…) are not working like that anymore and are more and more used to the preset-styled workflow. sort of, say, two material assignment buttons: one that will open a new Bella material selection as now with all the uber, oren-nayar etc. names for the veterans… the second will assign a Bella material but will open the library to allow quick selection of pre-made materials (like, “shiny aluminum”, “clear glass”, “white wall” , “red car-paint” and than some) so users can very quickly populate the scene and test it. manipulating the pre-made materials should be as KISS as possible (simple navigation to bump, transparency etc. attributes instead of making us go and start connecting nodes. it should be done automatically thorough¬† the material attributes box). I know that creating an asset library is a bit of work but you do know best how to make Bella materials and you do have some very nice examples…I can tell you that if I had a simple library so I don’t need to “eat door” to assign a simple white fabric with subtle bump map to the bed – but just pick it from the library- I was able to render a nice scene by now (and I want to! the short preview I did cleared much faster than maxwell !!! but the bed was pure black from frustration…)