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A few more thoughts

  • In Europe and Asia, emitters are specified via their light output, lumens; and being able to use IES files that all LED and even retrofit “LED-bulb” manufacturers offer is essential
  • Industrial designers need common material presets and MOLD-TECH textures, a big plus for Keyshot. Few even in large studios are tweaker nerds; you drag materials from a library, maybe change a texture here and there. Whether VFX wizards like it or not, designers like it “easy” and if a company can offer “easy”, it has a chance of adoption in the marketplace
  • Vray, unlike Maxwell, allows camera projection of a backplate onto the shadow catcher plane, so one gets proper reflections on backplated renderings, a huge plus
  • No confusing nodes with spaghetti, which are oh-so-fashionable. One thing really good in Maxwell is the analogy to how materials are in the real world, a stack of layers, something any product, transport, industrial or car designer can understand
  • CPU speed, as the overwhelming majority of designers are laptop users without dedicated boxes holding a stack of GPUs

It really is a matter of product positioning and market sector placement