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Hi Jeremy and company,

Just my two cents to this thread – I also heavily rely on a pre-built library of materials developed over time. It is one of the largest barriers to switching to another render platform – so much time and energy has been spent in making and tuning these.

My personal opinion is that a Bella material file format would make sense, but then that begs the question of a standalone material editor… which I think you have been trying to stay away from? I like the idea of a Bella material being a custom zipped folder with all required assets, and a manifest file.

I remember in the old Maxwell/Rhino plugin days texture scaling was a big undertaking. Is that still the case? I just tried doing a deep dive into the mapping of textures, and am now terrified. It is very difficult to understand intuitively where Rhino stops and where Bella starts. Putting “Bella” before certainly helps! (I’m sure it will become more obvious as I spend more time using it…)

I just installed the latest Bella (dev built), and I see the PBR option making an appearance, but I take it it is still in dev? Can’t seem to render any textures yet, although the Rhino PBR option seems to be working as it renders in Bella.