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I could not agree more.

Without total user/market focus, there is little chance of penetrating the targeted industry segments. While appeal to nerds is surely fun and makes for nice forum banter among “those in the know”, it is hardly a sustainable business case. An easy to use no-nonsense interface is paramount. It is all about the user experience. Particularly the novice user must experience “aha moments” right from the start to get hooked, and can then explore nerd-dom in-depth later. That is one reason why for example Keyshot, despite its many problems, became so popular, and the industrial design, packaging design and interior design market segment is huge. Lamenting the desire for “easy” and “out of the box” lighting, scene or material set-ups is understandable from the insider or nerd perspective, but one cannot ignore how the real world works (not saying that you guys are ignorant, just see too many product market failures because of that exact reason).