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Jeremy HillJeremy Hill

Yossi, I do not choose to put “bella” in front of things in maya just for fun, it is because when we get out of our own environment and into a large shared environment like maya (same happens in rhino), we want to be a good citizen, since name collisions can come up, so you will see it as a common convention that a prefix (e.g. “ai” for arnold) is used.

And we do have too-long discussions, agonizing over what to call things like “uber” — in that case, we do not choose it because we think it is cool, but because it is one of the more commonly-used names used to refer to the concept this material implements. The goal is for people to either have a preconceived notion of what it means, or failing that, to find google useful in learning about it.

Andreas, I completely agree with you, and think I have talked earlier with you about the idea of creating a very simplified UI for bella, which is something I very much want to do. We are a small team and must choose very carefully where we put our efforts, which have largely been put toward building the foundation that makes it possible/efficient to build nice higher-level things like that. I could slap something together prematurely, but it would not likely be viable in the long run.