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Jeremy Hill

Yes, I have considered something along those lines, and in fact I originated the concept you show in mw, it appeared first in the sketchup plugin, where it also included (mxed did not carry this over) the idea that you get to keep e.g. the color of a material, and the roughness, etc, even when switching types.

But the first idea I tried in bella was providing various definite materials, thinking that people look in the list and say “oh, there’s glass, that’s what I want”. But this produces a lot of material types and that has its own cognitive burden, since you can get overwhelmed by the many types.

I don’t know that either approach is necessarily better or worse, they both have their strengths & weaknesses, since some people will look at a multi-purpose material like you show, and say, oh now I have to click on every material in my material list to find out what mode it is using.