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I can say that many of the PBR are pure junk. at least for me in arch-viz. I’m sure that many in game dev use it but no client of mine ever wants to have “old cracked purple paint” in his render. I, at least, use a minimal library that has simple glass materials, water, some kinds of plastics, car paints, wall paints/concrete, metals, fabrics, stone\tiles and some emitters, that’s about it. usually use the same 20 presets and alter them as I need (the client wants his sofa black and not white, etc.). I have to say that about once in 2-3 weeks I get back to testing Bella and every time it ends the same not getting a render done as I can’t find how to create a simple fabric or play with  parquets floor bumps etc. Got how to set up lights (gave some feedback about this and I know you make it even better soon…), got the camera setup (easy I know not much to learn…) and other settings. materials – half impossible for me at this stage 🙁