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    Jeremy Hill

    19.4.0 is up on the builds page.

    GUI Import

    In this build we add much-requested import functionality to the GUI, initially supporting OBJ, FBX, DAE, 3DS, and STL formats. Note that this does not mean we intend to portray the GUI as a full-fledged 3D editing program — it remains primarily intended to support GUI-based rendering outside of a plugin. Nevertheless, this does at least open the path for more people to play with Bella, as we continue to work on more plugins.

    Besides this, we have also made some small but welcome improvements to the GUI in general; the hierarchy gains quick-access buttons for controlling xform visibility:

    Node/output connection context menus have been improved, for clarity, and to require fewer clicks:

    And, a small but useful button has been added, for breaking node/output connections:

    Lastly, new scenes in the GUI are now created with a simple plane, sphere, and camera, to prevent the need of setting up scenes from scratch. If you do not want these nodes, you may simply delete them.


    We have also completed the initial iteration of the Bella documentation, which is broken down into sub-categories:

    Note the Jump to drop-down highlighted in the above screenshot. As mentioned, this is the initial iteration, we will continue to improve the documentation over time.

    Apollo Resume

    In this build, Apollo support for resume-render has finally been implemented. BSI files rendered with any of the production engines (Atlas, Ares, Apollo) may be resumed with any other engine, so you do not have to worry about which you choose to use.

    Misc. Changes

    The file texture now has support for decal-style use: when wrap U/V are disabled, its borderColor will be used for outColor, and its outAlpha will return zero:

    UV wrap on, magenta borderColor:

    UV wrap off, magenta borderColor:

    UV wrap on, outAlpha connected to opacity:

    UV wrap off, outAlpha connected to opacity:

    In addition to the above changes, the layer thin-dielectric simulation has been much improved, nested dielectrics (i.e. material priority) have been fixed, bloom and diffraction have been improved, the stackMaterial functionality has been incorporated into blendMaterial, IPR behavior has been improved (fewer unnecessary restarts), and more — see the release notes on the builds page for a full listing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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