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    Hi Jeremy –

    Great job on getting materials implemented for Rhino! I hope to spend a little time digging into this in the coming days.

    I did notice some issues with the UI – likely a Rhino issue…

    When I first create a material (Rhino fresh start), for example, Bella Plastic. Under attributes, I get the headers: Common, Plastic. The plastic portion is partially cut-off by the “Notes” section. If I then click to expand the “Common” section, the plastic section is completely gone behind the “Notes” section. If I reduce the Common area, I can just about see enough of the “Plastic” section that I can expand it.

    (for some reason I can’t figure out how to upload screenshots – I can email them to you if you like)



    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks Tom, it has been tricky to figure how to tickle Rhino right to show these with the correct height, so it doesn’t surprise me that there could be an issue. I’ll see if I can figure a way to reproduce it.

    (for screenshots you will have to upload to imgur.com or similar, right-click on the uploaded image to get the actual url, and paste it here using the IMG button in the toolbar for composing a post)


    Hi Guys,
    I only had a short play so far, but I found that 2.8 makes both editing inside Rhino and Bella GUI a lot better. Being able to assign Bella Materials in Rhino helps a lot. And in GUI finally seeing Layer names and Object names instead of a bunch of database IDs makes scenes a lot more manageable – finally I know what item is what, without having to reassign materials, check IPR what element changes and then renaming :o).

    I ran into the same RH 7 Material Editor quirks as tdegremont reported (it happens all of the time, regardless whether the window is docked or floating). I could not make the image placement from Imgur work, so here’s a link to a screengrab. And in Bella GUI the Rhino Mouse Mapping (nice addition!) the Zoom direction is inverted.

    cheers, Holger

    Jeremy Hill

    Thanks Holger, I am trying to install different versions of Rhino to try and reproduce this — could you please tell me the version/build date from your splash screen?

    Jeremy Hill

    Not having luck getting any build of Rhino to display this lovely behavior, so far.

    Could be interesting to hear how the Bella camera panel (in Object Properties for views) works, as well as the Output & Solver section that is added to the Render Settings window.

    It would also be interesting if you could open the textures panel and try creating some Bella textures, to see if that UI shows a similar behavior.


    Hi Jeremy,
    this is on 20.8.0-0 GUI, for the Rhino Plugin I could not find a timestamp other than the save-date of the Installer (first of July at 3.08 PM). You know that I so far did not really want to touch Rhinos Render-GUI, but I have a very lose memory to have seen similar before, on Rhino render.

    What I can say is, that your material preview balls inside Rhino did not work, right after the installation. Now, after rebooting the machine I see the IPR do its work. But the preview doesn’t stick – it’s getting re-run when cycling through the material list, see quick clip. I guess, that’s not the intended behaviour.

    So far, I did not see any problems with your custom panel content.

    Wrong. I only had a look at your viewports properties page. The texture panel is truncated as well.

    Unrelated: I just saw the forum eat my post: Used the edit function in text mode, added a few lines and saved. Post no more visible. And yesterday I changed my display name for this forum and got an alert sent, that the forum password got changed (wrong).

    Jeremy Hill

    Hi Holger, sorry but I meant to ask what version of Rhino you are using.

    Regarding the material preview, that is just how Rhino does it. You can read here some suggestions I made, but if Andy doesn’t agree, the only choice will be to do my own preview, which will be confusing since there’s no way to prevent people also showing Rhino’s one.

    Jeremy Hill

    Hey guys, as noted in the releases forum, I have uploaded a 20.9 version that will hopefully work around these height glitches. I never did get any version of Rhino to reproduce them, so I had to concoct something that works in a completely different way, and we’ll just have to see how it works.

    Jeremy Hill

    Back again with a 20.10 build that I am fairly sure should address the Bella content UI height issue. It also fixes some other small issues, like the Bella plugin not telling Rhino about files referenced by Bella nodes, and not asking Rhino to help us resolve missing resources. There are also two new sample scenes for Rhino, on the samples page.

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