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    Jeremy Hill

    Version 20.10.0 is up on the builds page.

    This build includes various fixes, including a second workaround that will hopefully avoid the reported height glitches in the Rhino plugin’s material & texture UI panels.

    New Rhino sample scenes

    The first scene (here) is a ring model demonstrating use of the complex IOR material, thin film node, and bump mapping, in a jewelry context:

    The second scene (here) demonstrates use of the new randomwalk Subsurface material to create a material like butter:

    Also demonstrated is the sheet material with scattering to create a paper material; if you look closely you may perceive that the scattering albedo has been mapped using a noise texture (also lightly applied to roughness and bump), to produce oil-saturated regions:



    Jeremy Hill

    Heads-up — an issue was reported, that showed there is a problem with how bella materials are created on the macos version, which means that if you use any of these most recent dev builds (the ones with bella materials) on mac, you will have to do re-make the materials (only bella ones, you can still use rhino ones) after I fix it. I put a note about it on the downloads page.


    Ok, thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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