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    Jeremy Hill

    Version 20.8.0 is up on the builds page.

    This version includes many fixes and additions, the most notable of which would be implementation of Bella materials & textures in Rhino, as well as the addition of a new randomwalk Subsurface material.

    Subsurface Material

    The Subsurface material is a substrate like Conductor and Dielectric, so it supports an optional Layer node. Here is an example scene created in Rhino, which I will be providing as a sample scene:

    And next, with a paper (made using a sheet material with mapped transmittance and scattering) wrapper:

    Here’s a quick test of the Digital Emily model; this is rendered 20 minutes, using 6 threads on my laptop, and I am not by any means knowledgeable about setting up this type of render — it is only using diffuse map in subsurface:color, and bump (actually a displacement map used in a bella bumpMap node), no mapped speculars and such:

    edit: here is another version with more work done:

    Rhino plugin

    20.8 brings Bella materials & textures into Rhino, with a clean interface that is similar to that of Bella GUI:

    Bella textures can be used in Rhino materials, and vice-versa, though it will be far preferable to use Bella materials, both because this provides more precise control, and because there is no translation step involved when directly using Bella materials & textures.

    Another addition is control of a Rhino view’s Bella camera parameters, via the Object Properties window:

    This addition makes Rhino’s “Autofocus on selected objects” Focal Blur mode much more useful, as it allows adjusting the camera’s f-stop while this mode is active. It is also possible to change some camera parameters, such as ISO, without causing the IPR render to restart. IPR responsiveness and speed has also been greatly improved in this build, both due to changes in the IPR renderer itself, and in the system that processes input events.

    A new Solver & Output section is also added to the Render Settings panel:

    This allows controlling the solver used when rendering in Rhino, or when exporting to Bella GUI. The Output Name controls the name of the output BSX and images, and supports a $cam macro, which will be replaced with the camera name.

    There are many more fixes & additions in 20.8 than mentioned here, please see the complete listing on the builds page, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


    Really great news JD! Looking forward to testing the new release when I get back from my summer vacation 🙂




    Jeremy Hill

    Great, have a good vacation Sir!

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