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    Jeremy Hill

    Here’s a 6L6 vacuum tube from grabcad, modeled by Torsten Bock.

    Here’s an earlier version that had some problems .. unfortunately, in the course of fixing them, I think I lost something, as I like this one better:


    The dark shadow around the H is odd, is it cylindrical mapping? How to avoid mapping the backside of the glass is an interesting puzzle. And to make it perfect, map the back of the Front glass surface with the paint colour.

    Did the geo come through clean from export, looks clean, I see R21 has new importers, haven’t tried them…

    Top one looks best, sir.

    Jeremy Hill

    Nice call on the cylindrical mapping, that’s an oversight I didn’t notice, here’s a different view of it showing just the lettering, from the back:

    If the geo you are referring to is the stuff you sent, I have not yet had time to play with it, and the scene absolutely brings my machine to its knees, think I’ll have to fix something on my other machine before I can do much with it.


    No I meant is this geo clean? as in beware gRabcad exports.

    With cubic mapping offset at 50% and a huge border for the map, it should hit front face only, then predistort map in PS?

    Jeremy Hill

    This geo here is clean, it was a rhino file so I meshed it pretty densely. And sure, I could map it multiple ways if I did it again, but here I just used maya cylindrical mapping, and just didn’t think about the fact it would map through both faces.


    I think this issue is worth studying, but I have no idea if its possible to make Bella work with poly-selections.

    Jeremy Hill

    If you mean applying materials to polygon selection tags in cinema, yes we will be able to fully support that.


    For transparent materials too? That’s great to hear.

    Jeremy Hill

    Here’s a quick example done in maya, dielectric assigned to two selections, one on the front of the sphere, and one on the back:


    Nice image, looks kind of unreal, but I think its just the camera angle and ‘perfect’ glass, which we don’t see in real life.

    Jeremy Hill

    Definitely, just a two-minute kind of scene to show the per-face dielectric working.


    Was wondering if the internal reflections are missing behind the solid poly’s, Can you put a backface glass material?

    Jeremy Hill

    No, we don’t support separate backface material yet.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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