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    Hello,im cad user.

    Some our input data

    1. CAD program dont have UV maps.

    2. most common format x_t (x_b),step 203,step 204, iges, sat

    3. “zoo” of cpu,gpu, os

    some problem:

    1. we dont have usability unbias render for architecture and mecanical.

    keyshot- cant render heavy scine in gpu, maxwell need uv.

    bella cant incert camera in geometric mode in some space and point 2 some (without ipr). manage 2 or more cameras its usefull.

    2. we neede some embedded scene  to product render for 30cm  studio, for 2 meters studio ( like in maxwell)

    3. we need some material database with milling and turning metall. and can assign it to surface

    4. was very helpfull use some default layout for example for enviroment and

    5. import cad data. for exampl revit can export sat, solidworks can x_t, catia can step.

    6. network manager for render without network folders and must be send all dependences

    7. hybrid render for heavy scene. because i have A2000 6gb card and A2000 12 gb card but

    gpu memory is not enouth. Maveric and keyshot cant render heavy scene

    8. build in node editor. We have license for cad but not have for CG program like maya and rhino

    9. build in some cad viewer 2 assign material,manipulate uvs, casmeras, distance.

    10. built in light database

    sorry my eng is not good.

    in today   cad users has:

    1. keyshot ( cpu ) but not unbiased

    2. maverick only gpu and u cant render hevy scene

    but its cool in scatering variation and node editor

    3. maxwell. all good, bad gpu render, some problem with network render, some poblem with network render,

    big problem with uvs for cad users.


    import/export stl ( m? cm? mm?)

    and how resize texture to models?


    Jeremy Hill

    Hi kbshadow,

    Thank you for the comprehensive list. We are working on some of the things you mention, but others would be for the future.

    1a. we are working on new UV projections, which would help with your no-UV models.
    2a. we do not have plans for the formats you mention, and recommend using something like moi3d to convert to OBJ.
    3a. we have been working on hybrid cpu/gpu support for bella (but this is taking time).

    1b. this (about cameras) is true, but will be improved in the future.
    2b. you can do this by using a template bella scene, and importing your models. This will also be helped when we add support for referenced scenes.
    3b. this will also become more possible with referencing, to build standalone material libraries.
    4b. this is similar to item 2b.
    5b. as mentioned above in item 2a.
    6b. we do not currently plan to create a proprietary network manager, and recommend using our CLI with third party render managers like Deadline. Our .bsz format already takes care of making sure assets are sent along with scenes.
    7b. as mentioned above in item 3a, we are developing a hybrid cpu/gpu system.
    8b. this is also something planned for the future.
    9b. it is possible to assign materials, cameras, etc, and will be possible to apply UV projections in the future.
    10b. for this, we support IES/LDT.

    I hope this answers some of your questions, and please feel free to join our discord server ( ), since this forum is deprecated, and really only kept for historical purposes.


    Jeremy Hill

    “import/export stl ( m? cm? mm?)”

    We support STL import, and the units are defined by the world xform scale, since STL has no inherent scale. This means that if the world xform scale is set to [1.0,1.0,1.0] then 1 unit in STL is equal to 1m in bella.

    “and how resize texture to models?”

    If the models have no UVs it will not currently be possible. But we are adding a triplanar projection in one of the next releases, followed by more types of projectors in the future.

    If the models do have UVs, then you can use a texform node to change the texture repeat/offset/etc.

    Jeremy Hill

    Here is what I mean about the world xform scale, this would mean 1 unit in the STL = 1m in bella:




    we have tone license for cad but addition use ( learn ) and purchase for render is not prior.

    what about stl import and normals.

    this example ( sphere- default scene sphere)


    Jeremy Hill

    STL format does not support normals, so some smooth normals are generated during import.


    how i can  see  real dim ( some grid in preview?)

    because i can export stl in different units ( m,cm,and default mm)

    most programm use mm, maxwell use m


    this more preview. all mat apply but 1 use white and if i incert sphere with same mat-all render good.

    Jeremy Hill

    We do not have any grid, bella GUI is intended to be used from a bella plugin, so it is not something commonly needed.

    So if you export meters to STL, and you have a 1m cube, and the bella world xform scale is set to [1,1,1], then the cube will be 1m in bella.

    The only way to check, currently, is to use ASCII STL and look in the data to confirm the sizes written, or you can select a mesh in bella GUI and inspect the actual points:




    need reframe object and ipr window(


    Jeremy Hill

    You can hit E to zoom selected objects.

    Jeremy Hill

    Apologies if I stop responding, it is 02:30 here and I am getting sleepy.

    Jeremy Hill

    But again, please feel free to join our discord, it is much more comfortable to chat there, and attach images, and my colleagues in Spain may be awake when I am not.


    each times import cube in 1m…((((

    pls say real dimension in default scine plane.

    because im import obj in m and i need scale it in 1000 times.

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