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    Jeremy Hill

    We’ll see, we have to choose carefully where we direct our efforts at this stage, and at this point that means core render features and plugins. A person using maya does not need to touch the bella GUI at all, unless they wish to use it to render outside maya, which is its intended purpose. That said, we’re flexible .. for instance, I hadn’t intended to support importing things into the GUI until much later, but it became clear once we got into the beta that it would be valuable for people, sooner rather than later.


    Yes especially direct effort towards C4D plugin nothing else.., if you do release a sketch-up plug (for the money cough cough) Please please don’t allow the users to post in the forum, I’m half joking. 😛


    Helloo Dears ! 🙂

    hehe thanks for the warm welcome ! (btw it’s Juan that told me about your new Adventure in the render world.. hihi )

    Yes Jeremy, sss and disp are really important nowadays.. Especially SSS.. yummy.. aha

    Oh… so you want to use IPR to navigate a scene… mmm I tend to agree with Eric… open GL might be a wiser path for now..
    BUT, I am curious how you can implement it so it’s easy to navigate a scene without hiccups…

    For now I am using two outdated packages, they still do the job for my work.. Modo and Maya 2012.. lol.. but I will update to newer Maya next year..

    Anyway, Bella Render looks very promising… !
    Have a great WE 😉

    Jeremy Hill

    You have a great weekend too sir! And you can all be sure we are very grateful for your input, and taking it into account as we decide how to proceed. 🙂


    ‘open GL might be a wiser path for now..’

    IPR leads to continuous tweaking. As an archviz slave with deadlines I found it was important to make as many scene updates as possible in between renders. It’s really easy to get into a rut of making tiny tweaks and endless test renders, because then you’ve lost focus, and get into a tweaking loop.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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