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    Jeremy Hill

    Here’s a fun test, making a camera obscura.

    This is a fooler to set up because the focus depends on the size of the aperture, not the camera — it feels like you’re dealing with a reflection from a mirror, and should be able to focus “into” the mirror, when really it is more or less the same as photographing an image projected onto a movie screen.

    Here’s the setup seen from outside the box — don’t miss the tiny 1/8″ aperture hole in the box, by which all light must enter:

    Thomas An.

    Now, you are just showing off 😛

    Jeremy Hill



    I did a test like this in maxwell once, just using hdri rather than a scene, so not quite the same.

    Jeremy Hill

    Yes, it would work fine with hdri, but I just wanted to see the crazy paths (e.g. emitter -> diffuse checker -> specular object -> thru aperture -> diffuse screen -> camera, for the reflections seen on the side of the green cube). Using an hdri would’ve been too easy to be very interesting.


    You should render this scene with funky materials.

    Offtopic: I am still looking for an image hosting site that doesn’t chew the files, the one that maybe worked before no longer does.

    I was thinking to post some recent maxwell renders in the offtopic section, maybe highlighting complicated material setups, or a philosophy of material building… general 3D discussion basically.. But this site is supposed to be about bella, so I am not sure I should.

    Jeremy Hill

    I don’t mind if you feel like posting in off-topic about stuff you are doing with other renderers, it can help us see where you’re coming from, so that we steer this ship in the right directions.


    Ok, I will soonish, hope everyone likes cars… When I get Bella going I hope to try rendering a Lemon or Orange with a waxy sss layer over a white sss volume, that’s one of things Maxwell couldn’t render (without double geometry and a lot of patience). Maybe later we will have a list of things Bella can’t render, that will be a good thread. For example can Bella render grapes?

    Jeremy Hill

    Heh cars are no problem, I love em and render too many of them. Been playing with this beetle given me by a friend .. he modeled it classic, and I’m going to hotrod it a bit:

    I imagine we can render grapes, we have 3 kinds of sss .. but since you are asking, then I assume you must be referring to some specific aspect of it.


    Well grapes (ignoring the surface) require a skin, then a volume made of varying density, volumetrically varying sss. Or at least varying attenuation.

    Ofcourse there should be some internal modelling, for the seeds and stalk.

    I guess I want volumetric fractal weightmaps, IN OBJECT SPACE, not crazy world space like in Maxwell.. 😉


    Here’s where ‘my’ beetle got stuck, model is done, have a paint scheme in mind from the Tamiya kit, blue and white. Even modelled the welds in some places, which is actually really easy, just select an edge, convert to spline, extrude, disp with noise.

    Testing Lensdump image upload, ez login with google;


    Well the image is preserved uncompressed if I save it to my drive, but it is still being scaled in the browser (which is good actually). Can you recommend this site instead.


    If I open this image in a new tab I need to scale the page to 80% to see the pixels correctly which is weird?, maybe my browser being funky.

    Jeremy Hill

    The forum will scale the image to fit in the text area, so when I link to an image I put the url in an img tag, and then put those in a link, which points to the same url:

    <a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

    I will usually then add target=”_blank” in the link, so that it opens in a separate tab:

    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” /></a>

    In the panel for writing a post you can see blue tabs at top-right for “Visual” and “Text”, and you should probably use the “Text” mode, if you want more control. The wysiwyg “Visual” editor does various funky things with letting you set the size of an image, and so forth.


    Text mode helps, thanks, had not spotted that.

    This stuff gets confusing quickly…I reckon I will just rely on people saving the image, if they want to see it 100% scale, most of the time it doesn’t really matter.

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